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Stara Glass was established in Pisa-Italy in the early fifties under the name of S.T.A.R.A. (acronym for Tuscan Company for Clays, Refractory scraps and Similar) and specialized in activities of demolition, removal and treatment of refractory waste resulting, in general, from industrial furnaces.

The starting activity has then been integrated by rebuilding works, maintenance services under high temperature conditions and design services, as well as some agency agreements with the best worldwide-known refractory producers.

In the new millennium, the refractory provision activity has been integrated by a draughtsman office, which soon became a design department.

Stara Glass, glass industry


The growing attention of customers to accurate energy performance evaluations and solutions for glass production sustainability drove Stara Glass to push further its natural strive towards innovation.

The huge treasure of hundreds of operating furnaces field data has been the foundation for the creation of a complete modelling ambient for the most accurate glass furnace performance design.

Several regional-to-international financed and private research projects lead to the development of the different technologies that populate Stara Glass’ catalogue, as well as the most consolidated high-performance solutions.

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