Stara Glass Software

Computing: Stara Glass develops its own design software

Stara Glass excels at the design of glass furnaces (end-port, unit melter, oxy-fuel, and hybrid) thanks to its constant will to improve and its extremely wide technical expertise. Stara Glass realizes its own design software and simulation ambient, basing of hundreds of field data and operating furnaces detected and computed heat balances.

Stara Glass software includes:

Glass Furnace Simulator (GFS©)

It allows the designer to precisely define all computing input and to collect all the significant output FurnaceMaster © includes a TLB module and represent the evolution of GFS.

Regenerators / TLB©

It’s a transient computing model tested on hundreds of operating regenerators that computes both the thermal performance and the material request of any regenerator.

DoubleShell Recuperator©, TubeNest Recuperator©

Six modular recuperators models compute parallel-flow and counter-flow double-shell recuperators and tube-nest recuperators

Thermal Loss Express (TLE©), Thermal Loss & Budget (TLB©)

Superficial thermal loss is computed by a physical model that features the utilization of more than 600 material, with their conductivity curve and limit temperature based on producer specification. The TLB version also computes the material weight.

Finite elements thermal bridge simulation ambient (TBsim©)

The software allows the computing of any glass furnace thermal bridge.


Other models

  • Calculation tools for hybrid systems (Centauro, Minotauro, Ciclope)
  • Dimensioning SNCR for Centauro
  • Combustion air head loss in EP, UM and hybrid furnaces
  • And more


Other software we utilize for design:

Design tools

  • Inventor 3D
  • AutoCAD
  • Solidworks 3D
  • Tekla 3D


CFD Analysis

  • Ansys – Fluent (through collaboration with the University of Genova)
  • OpenFoam (cooperation with Milano Polytechnics)
  • Specific CFD codes developing in cooperation with the University of Genova, Milano Polytechnics, Enel Ricerche
Stara Glass software furnacemaster

Software FurnaceMaster – 1

Stara Glass software furnacemaster 2

Software FurnaceMaster – 2

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