Heat Balance



Service performed in cooperation with the sister company SGRPRO.

A specialized glass furnace performance evaluation.

  • Check the general plant conditions
  • Maximize performance, in terms of consumption and quality
  • Understand the strong and weak points of the furnace, in order to solve present problems and optimize next campaign design
  • Verify the precision of measure instruments installed on the plant


Heat balance is a 3-5 days campaign of measurements, performed by 2-4 specialists, from which a performance evaluation of the furnace comes out. Often, Stara Glass technicians, during the heat balance period, are already able to provide the Customer with useful suggestions about the furnace operation. Once all data are collected, the Customer receives a report that accurately describes the condition of the plant and suggests strategies to optimize the operation.

  • Computing results are evaluated by technicians that, in their career, have computed tens or hundreds of heat balances on different types of plant
  • The Customer receives a results presentation of all measured values and a document that describes the status of the plant and suggests the eventual corrective actions
  • The measurements taken on the plant will affect Stara Glass computing models, in order to always provide the Customer with the most reliable design.
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