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Board member

Valerio is a relentless optimist and tireless positive thinker. With decades of experience in building and managing teams under his belt, he applies both academic metrics and empathy to guide the team to success. His experience in global business development and his strategic thinking are supporting the company to achieve a sustainable and long term growth.

Stara Glass, Giulio Barbieri

Giulio Barbieri

Head of project management

More than 15 years in Engineering. In Stara Glass since 2018. High skilled in managing of worldwide Complex Project in industrial field. Expert in turn key contracts, conflicts and issues resolution and risk management. Expert in Project control and Site erection activities and monitoring.

Stara Glass, Ernesto Cattaneo

Ernesto Cattaneo

Concept design / Head of innovation projects

Mechanical engineer, in Stara Glass R&D since 2007. Head of innovation projects. Specialized in mathematical modelling and design of glass furnaces and heat recovery systems. Expert in field activities, heat balance detection, combustion optimization, environment protection technologies, education and dissemination. Patent manager.

staff Stara Glass

Temistocle Fabbris

Head of maintenance and service

Managing the service with a particular attention to reliability, safety, sustainability and cost effectiveness.

Stara Glass, Simone Ferraro

Simone Ferraro

Technical director

In Stara Glass since April 2019, after 20 years of experience in Saint-Gobain Vetri and Verallia as Batch and Furnace Manager for all the Italian plants.
Highly skilled in coordination of design, construction, maintenance furnaces and forehearths and in the melting process from raw material to finished product.

staff Stara Glass

Daniela Messina

Head of technical office

More than 25 years in Furnace and Forehearths design. In Stara Glass since 2019. Highly skilled in the design of complete furnaces and forehearths for the glass industry, including refractories and steelworks. Expert in greenfield and turnkey projects developed worldwide. Expert in developing feasibility studies.

Stara Glass, Giorgio Minestrini

Giorgio Minestrini

Innovation Technology Leader

Born in Genova in 1983, naval engineer, he has been working for almost a decade in glass industry, dealing with mathematical modelling, computing, design, special & innovative technologies design, installation and operation. He is a heat balance detection and computing specialist. Author of numerous technical papers, winner of the Michael Gravey award 2018 with a paper about the Prime Glass project, speaker at many scientific conferences . Expert project manager, also involved in customer support and dissemination activities. Responsible for internal training in the company and the external one in the University.

staff Stara Glass

Alessandro Mola

Head of Innovation

Dr. Mola has been in the forefront of innovation in glass production for four decades. He has been leading Stara Glass R&D&I department for more than ten years, he started our modelling and heat balance activities and signed our most important patents.

staff Stara Glass

Enzo Panetta

Head of administration

Board member

He has been administrating Stara Glass and Hydra Group for more than 20 years.

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