Stara Glass delivered a furnace in Italy

Stara Glass delivered a furnace in Italy

Stara Glass is proud to announce the conclusion of the activity carried out for a leading Glass Manufacturing company in Center Italy.

The refractory and steelworks design and installation, the engineering and installation of the equipment from the batch plant to the chimney (excluding the IS machines) were successfully completed and made possible the End Port Furnace N°1 complete reconstruction.

The Customer, already a global leader in the production of glass containers, with the new Furnace N°1 is able to place on the market 350 tons per day of bottles of both amber and green glass, covering a substantial portion of the requests coming from the beverage sector.

The comment of the Plant Manager: “… Achieving this important result in the midst of the terrible pandemic period was only possible thanks to the deep and continuous teamwork that took place between us  and Stara Glass, which as main contractor made his expertise available by successfully coordinating both the activities and the various subcontractors, from the demolition of the previous furnace to the start-up of this one just completed…”.

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