Stara Glass completed the Centauro© refurbishment

Stara Glass completed the Centauro© refurbishment

Stara Glass is pleased to announce the completion of the activity carried out for an international Glass Manufacturing company in the North East of Italy.

The partial refractory reconstruction, the modification of the heat recovery system and the total overhaul of the SNCR system on the Centauro© furnace saw Stara Glass playing the leading role as a designer and coordinator of the numerous suppliers who participated during the operations.

The refurbished in the plant is one with the lowest recorded consumption furnaces in the industry, the furnace immediately started the production providing the market with 270 tons per day of green glass.

The comment of Valerio Percoco (Stara Glass, MD) “… our customer’s furnaces have the target of supplying the market with high quality glass while respecting the emission limits in the atmosphere. Relying on Stara Glass for both design and reconstruction has allowed them to reach both objectives with satisfaction. It is always a real pleasure to work and team up with the first in class in Glass Manufacturing since the exchange of knowledge is an advantage that benefits both parties.

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