100 ITALIAN EXCELLENCES 2019: STARA GLASS the only winner of the “Glass Industry” category

100 ITALIAN EXCELLENCES 2019: STARA GLASS the only winner of the “Glass Industry” category

On December 5th, at the Sala della Protomoteca in Campidoglio, Piazza del Campidoglio in Rome, Stara Glass received the prestigious award “100 Italian Excellence 2019“.

The aim of 100 Italian Excellence is to reward 100 protagonists of the best Italy, by virtue of the precious contribution made by each of them to the growth of our Country. Telling the face of beautiful Italy through the story of 100 Italian Excellences, personalities, companies and organizations that contribute and have contributed to enhancing the emblem of a distinctive brand recognized all over the world.

STARA GLASS has been selected as the sole representative of the “Glass Industry” category 2019, becoming part of the prestigious Gallery of Italian Excellences, section Stories of Excellence.

The Observatory of Italian excellences, with the supervision and superintendence of the honorary committee, identified Stara Glass as one of the leading figures of Italian excellence, considering various parameters such as: historicity, innovation, expansion in foreign markets, highly qualified personnel , investments for training and safety at work, investments and actions aimed at eco-sustainability and protection of the territory.

Technological innovations, sustainability and human capital are the cornerstones of all the present and future history of Stara Glass that have led to this important recognition.

100 ITALIAN EXCELLENCES 2019 STARA GLASS the only winner of the Glass Industry category

Second from left: Ing. Massimo Panetta – Stara Glass’ CEO

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